After the vivacious celebrations of ‘Vijayadashmi’, the Indian crowd awaits the presence of “festival of lights”. Yes, you read it correct! ‘Diwali’ – the festival of lights, joy and prosperity is salient for a lot of ritualistic values and cultural chronicles. It’s the time when families make every nanosecond special with their loved ones. And, when a man needs to deck up his countenance for such special moments, he needs to recheck his wardrobe essentials for the final shot. Amidst accessories and outfits, a gentleman’s footwear matters like the lion’s share to wrap up his guise.

So, if you’re looking for the men’s festive footwear essentials this Diwali, then you’re on the right rostrum of men’s fashion guide. With varieties of comfortable footwear options up for grabs at Liberty, every man can access amazing pairs for their personal fashion quotient. Fashion is comfort, contentment and more over anything else; it is all about being you. So, beyond the shadow of doubt, here are few tips for your quick style furtherance.

Healers Men’s Tan Formal Non Lacing (LOHL-23)

Beguiling Brogues to Achieve the Nonchalance – Nothing ever trounces the comfort and look of a swash-buckling pair of Brogues! These Scottish styles of low-heeled shoes or boots to be noted traditionally characterized by multiple pieces, sturdy leather uppers of fine finish with decorative perforations as surface ornamentations and serration along the pieces’ visible edges; are the must-haves for men’s wardrobe wonders.

To light up the festive fire, dress up men’s Brogues by selecting a slim pair in a classic color, styled with a traditional kurta and tailored pajamas. Match light colored chinos with classic brown pairs and a full-sleeved, eyelet-collared, buttoned-up, long kurta for an elegant yet relaxed look. Wear Brogues with slim, dark blue jeans, and plain kurta with Nehru jacket for the dapperness. Keeping up with the nonchalance has got various ways to flaunting finesses. Do not hang fire and simply step into the sphere of classic formals!

Healers Men’s Formal Tan Lacing Shoes (Ssl-01)

Striking Sandals to Add onto Ethnicity – Festivals and ethnic wear are the two sides of the same coin! Kurta-churidars or salwars, Achkan sherwanis, Jodhpuri or Pathani suits, Indo-Western outfits, Nehru jackets and Dhoti pants are all added to the comprehensive guide to men’s festive wear fashion. And, to match these ensembles, quenching thirst of the whole caboodle, men’s casual and traditional sandals are the best. In traditional domains, concept of tailoring and sandals being worn together is sartorial elegance. As long as few points are taken care of, however, it becomes a pairing that leaves everyone stunned. In the festive-fashion rulebook, the first rule is “no socks” while settling your feet in sandals. Choose dark pajamas or tailored pants, which match your sandals to keep a clean line. For balancing up on the top, wear a neutral Nehru jacket, and finish with tab-collared kurta in pastel shade or white to hit the sartorial sweet spot on the smart-traditional continuum.

Healers Men’s Brown Casual Sandal (FDY-0162)

Levitating Loafers to Relish the Mood – Men’s Loafers – the universal option to create magical mien are never out of vogue. A decent pair of Loafers is what your closet set its heart on for every occasion! Penny loafers in rich colors like burgundy, espresso, brown and black are the exquisite, versatile, adaptive and downright handsome delights to pull off with a variety of outfits. Think of fitted trousers with traditional jackets and crisp button-downs to reveal your best customary looks. Aim for darker colors, simple details and quality-rich fabrics to set your statement noteworthy.

It’s again a “no socks” therapy while wearing men’s Loafers. Throw in a crisp kurta, some jaw-dropping shades and a clean watch and you are rolling in style! Stick to basic materials like suede, and hues such as brown and black. Make sure you treat the suede pieces with proper care so they don’t wear down. Straightforward grace with enduring ease paint your festive days with awesomeness. So, overall keep your styles plain sailing and enjoy this festive season with elementary necessities from LIBERTY.

Fortune By Liberty Mens Casual Loafer

Now when you know what special ingredients are required to be added to your festive wardrobe, then why waste your time searching for these requisites? Get your hands on and tread into our world of men’s formal and traditional footwear collection to make your Diwali phenomenal.