Make Your “May” Awesome!

We are already in the middle of the month “May” and you must have tried to get your hands on the best styles. But to break the monotony of the fashion, you would want to add some new summer-trends to your shoe wardrobe to look extremely fashionable without compromising on the comfort. From a night-outs to casual meet-ups to formal meetings, we have extended a helping hand that would cut down your quandary for choosing the best pair of shoes for the occasion. We won’t disappoint you on the colors and styles that will the season’s key trends. So, here, we put together some hot trends that will keep your style game on point:

AHA – Flip-Flops To Feel Free-Spirited


That’s the way AHA-AHA, you surely will like the way! Who, on this earth, won’t like vacationing? If you are packing up your bags to take in dip in fun sand, you must add some colorful and comfortable footwear to your pack to let your feet breathe along with you. These colorful flip-flops are perfect for keeping your feet feel like they are on vacation. These are the must-have footwear for the season as they will keep you stylish and at ease all season long.

Fortune- Formal Shoes To Flaunt Your Style

Formal Shoes

How about flaunting your formal style with the pop of colors? From earthy hues to electrifying shades, these brogue shoes for men are apt for the season. Whether you are heading towards any party or work, brogues will always add an extra element to your overall look. Wonder, you are simply dressed up in distorted jeans, tees with a blazer, these formal shoes would compliment your dress sense as it is neither too formal-party wear nor casual-party wear.

Force10- Printed Sports Shoes To Sport

Who says that awesomeness can only be described through look? A dose of awesomeness can just be filled with a pair of quirky yet comfortable sports shoes. Don’t you believe? Pair these quirky colorful pair of sports shoes with your printed top and pants to keep the awesomeness flowing in the air through your cool and trendy dressing sense. This will keep your feet comfortable while you wander in this sweltering heat.

Over To You

Now, you must have understood the trends that will make you go #MayBeAwesome, but ensure to keep your hands on the right colors and styles that suit your personality. To buy online shoes in India, you should always put some time into research. If you need any more advice on the shoes to be picked for the month, feel free to ask us in the comments below.