5 Signs of a Quality Men’s Dress Shoes

Every man should own a pair of quality dress shoes if not more, but what are the signs of quality? If you don’t know what to look for in quality dress shoes, chances are you’re only going to use price as an indicator, and in most such cases, you’ll end up overpaying. Who wants to pay more and settle for less? Nobody! Not you, of all. So, here are 5 signs of quality men’s dress shoes. Use this as a guide while purchasing your next pair of dress shoes and be assured of bringing home the best dress shoes out there!

A quality leather upper

Not surprisingly enough, the material that your shoes are made out of is the first thing you have to look into. Leather upper refers to the upper part of the shoes excluding the sole. Now, there are three kinds of leather that may be used – genuine leather, top grain leather and full grain leather, the best one being the full grain leather and the least-best one being genuine leather. If you want to bring home best men’s dress shoes, full grain leather should be your choice. Full grain leather has more character to it than the other two and gives off really posh and supreme-quality vibes, while also being extremely durable, strongest and most moisture-resistant.

The construction of the sole of the shoe counts! Choose stitched over glued.

The construction of the sole is basically done in one of the three ways: Cemented or glued, Goodyear velted and Blake construction. Cemented or glued soles are usually used by mass production companies and typically used in casual shoes. Goodyear velted finish or Blake construction finish is what you should be looking for in best men’s dress shoes because they’re stronger and they last longer, while also giving a perfect finish which not only aids a stylish look but also feels super comfortable.

Choose leather-soled shoes over rubber-soled ones

Leather-soled shoes may appear to be tough and sturdy at the beginning, but it gets more comfortable as time passes by. The reason leather-soled shoes are better than rubber-soled ones is that they are extremely durable and comfortable. Besides, they make those perfect leather-boots sounds, giving off good vibes to you and also to the ones around you.

An incredibly neat stitching is a sure sign of high-quality dress shoes

You will never find loose threads that are coming out or are hanging around in a pair of quality dress shoes. One sure sign to tell if a pair of dress shoes is of high quality is an incredibly laid out stitching that is – neat, tucked and perfectly secured in. This indicates that the stitching is hand-crafted.

Full grain leather lining

High Quality Men’s Dress shoes will often have a full grain leather lining. Leather lining goes a long way in promoting comfort and prevention of odour. Thus, a full-grain leather lining makes your shoes extremely comfortable, breathable and free of any odour.

That was our comprehensive guide to determine and finally buy a pair of quality men’s dress shoes that are durable, comfortable and stylish at the same time. Go ahead and buy your pair of best dress shoes using this effective guide. Also don’t forget to explore Liberty’s Fortune range for the best men’s dress shoes available online.