How To Select Best Footwear In Monsoon!


Monsoon is the most lively, enjoyable and exhilarating phase of a year for most of us. But monsoon doesn’t come alone; it comes with the humidity and excessive moisture in the atmosphere which along with the clogged water can ruin your expensive footwear. One cannot avoid stepping into the muddy roads absolutely; therefore it becomes essential either to protect your footwear from the muddy waters and debris lying on streets or wear footwear which is appropriate for monsoons specifically. This blog provides an idea of the correct and appropriate footwear for rainy season which could be worn even with your cute and alluring outfits and not get ruined in this weather.

  • Colorful Flip flops: You can avail a colossal range of flip flops from Liberty. Colorful and intriguing designs, flip flops can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth and prevent you from the mess and filth.                               3
  • Rubber or plastic shoes/ballerinas: During this weather, it is always highly recommendable to purchase footwear procured using rubber or plastics in the upper or outsole. Rubber outsoles are anti slippery and would prevent the feet from slipping and adventitious injuries. The synthetic uppers resemble leather but this synthetic material can be cleaned using a damp cloth which prevents the footwear from deterioration. These would be highly durable and flexible providing anti slippage properties.
  • Strappy sandals: Strappy sandals are always appropriate to be worn during this season. Due to wet feet, any footwear can slip out. Therefore, strappy sandals always provide a better grip and hold. Men can use Coolers.

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  • Ballerinas: You can always wear ballerinas during rainy seasons. You can also wear Liberty’s height plus ballerinas which have a perforated foot bed and extremely comfortable outsole. Lycra ballerinas would also be highly suitable for this season. You can also opt for peep toe flats because this would look highly chic and voguish with pretty dresses.
  • Boots: Though it is impossible to even contemplate wearing boots in the scorching summer heat, but boots is a one piece of footwear which prevents your feet from dust and filth accumulation.

A Few Don’ts:

  • Do not wear sandals with pointed heels, stilettos, pencil heels or even with straps. That might cause you to slip and cause injury to your limbs. In this case, stack heels or block heels would be recommended.
  • Even wedge heels and platform heels would work well in this weather.  Avoid wearing leather footwear in this weather because leather would deteriorate in this weather and can cause injuries and infections to your foot. Do not wear footwear fabricated using canvas, because canvas absorbs water and attracts the microbial attacks.
  • Always dry your wet shoes directly under the sun light. This will kill the bacteria that are resting in your shoes
  • Avoid wearing socks, with sport shoes and canvas shoes. Wet socks will give you cold.

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