Revamp Your Shoe Collection & Buy The Trendiest Pair of Shoes for Christmas!

Christmas is around the corner and we are all about making a statement this season. Christmas time is not the time for neutral and basic shoes, to be able to stand-out, you must buy something that is sparkly, screams celebration and at the same time is comfortable. This year, revamp your shoe collection and buy causal shoes online from Liberty, trust us, you won’t regret the decision.

Women's casual slipper

Pair these gorgeous cherry flats for a Christmas-y & sparkly feel – these slippers are the ultimate choice for any woman who is looking for a chic pair of shoes with studded embellishment. With these slippers, you can transform your basic outfit and look party ready! So, drop your boots & heels and go for the all-year staple for your daily wear. Senorita thongs are studded in glitz and glam to achieve the chic and glam look, so drop everything and get your hands on Senorita footwear with prices like no other.

Brown Casual Ballerina

Affordable, stylish and cozy, this footwear from Gliders is all you need to stay snug and feel super comfy for your Christmas party. Pair them up with a smart casual outfit to complete the look – they are lightweight and will feel like a glove for your feet.

Men's Black Formal Lacing Shoes

For a formal Christmas party, slip into a formal pair of black shoes to look absolutely classy and stylish. A man cannot go wrong with a tuxedo and black shoes. Wear liberty black formal lacing shoes for a lightweight, comfortable and stylish experience. Make sure to break in them before your party night and get the shoes all tidy & shiny for a jolly night!

Men's Tan Formal Shoes

For a semi-casual event, you don’t have to be all serious and boring with your outfit – which is why, we suggest you opt for these tan formal lacing shoes and pair it up with muted tone or a vibrant tone suit to make a statement. Not only will your outfit look outstanding, but your shoes will add-on to your look.