Stay Healthy and Active This Quarantine with These Simple Steps

The world is going through a lot right now. We at Liberty are doing our best as a company in these difficult times to emerge stronger as a nation in this global pandemic. We are also humbly requesting all our consumers to stay in the vicinity of their homes and help fight the crises.

The quarantine period can be quite daunting if there is not enough awareness about what you should do. A lot of us are working from our homes while many are taking online classes of their respective courses from schools and colleges. In that case, we tend to sit on our chairs for 8-9 hours.

The constant sitting has many adverse effects on our health. It is very important to take some simple steps at home so that we physically stay fit and maintain a positive attitude towards this situation.

Here are some things you can do:

1. Take short breaks

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Just like you would do during your regular office days, take 10-15 minute breaks every two to three hours. Avoid sitting in the same position for too long. You can try a little stretching every time you feel strained or drowsy and you will instantly feel better.

2. Workout Everyday

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When we leave our homes for work, there is always a little exercise we do in disguise of walking or running or climbing the stairs, but now that we are constantly at home, there is less to no chance of mobility. In that case, it is very important to follow a simple work-out routine at home for a healthy body.

3. Meditate Daily

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As much as physical health is important, mental health is equally necessary, if not
more important. Take out at least 15 minutes from your busy schedule, preferably early morning, to just sit quietly and relax.

4. Take Proper Diet

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Lastly, don’t let the situation take a toll on your diet. Refrain from eating outside under any circumstances and eat homemade food consisting of a balanced diet. Our food intake has many effects on our overall health. So make sure to eat healthy and stay happy.
We at Liberty shoes are paying regards to each and every individual who is risking his/her own life to help all of us. We have also done our bit as a responsible brand Liberty Shoes to donate for the needy in these difficult times.

Stay Home, stay safe.