2 Essential Tips to Keep Your Dress Shoes Dirt-free & Polished

Gone are the days when you would go to the cobbler on the side of the road and get your shoes dirt-free and polished; with Liberty Tips, you can easily care for your leather and PU formal shoes and make this a constant habit. We suggest that all men take care of their shoes as it not only has the power to make a lasting impression but your shoes can last long for many years to come. Read the 2 essential tips to keep your dress shoes tidy & proper; grab the cleaning brushes & tools and get to work, mister!

Men's Black Formal Shoes

Start by wiping the dirt on your dress shoes with a horsehair brush to clean away the dirt and stains. Once, they’re clean enough, grab a lint-free cloth and lightly dampen the cloth with water & vinegar for better results. Give your shoes a bit of time to dry off and then condition your shoes with leather oil/conditioner for a shiny effect. Finally, grab shoe wax and finish the procedure by rubbing the wax on your already shiny shoes for a polished look. Remove the excess wax with the cloth and now your shoes will be shiny as a new penny!

Men's Brown Formal Shoes

Suede and nubuck – a cattle leather material shoes are versatile, classy and comfortable but man, do they get dirty quickly. This is why they require a different approach to cleaning. Grab a suede brush and brush it clean in the same direction the material naturally sits. Rub your shoes with a suede rubber to get rid of any extra dust/particles. Once you’re done with all the rubbing, yet the stain won’t go away – try dabbing white vinegar on the washcloth and there you go. Leave your shoes to dry & lastly, use a suede protector because obviously precaution is better than cure.

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