Choose Your Ideal Minimalist Running Shoes @Liberty!

Being healthy and fit is the first priority one must pursue in his or her life. Well, exercising, doing yoga, eating healthy and maintaining a good routine helps you anyway. While you exercise or go for a run, it is important that you are in the right outfit, right kind of shoes, using the right workout instruments etc.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s switch to the most important of all. SHOES! When I look at what I would consider an ideal shoe I base it on what’s ideal to compliment natural foot function. Not just one, but we all should bring this into practice.
The null hypothesis is that the foot is designed to work on its own without the need for modern bracing, cushioning and motion control technology.

The basic aim is to choose the perfect shoe for you. In other words, the goal is progressive rehabilitation toward the ideal: to get the walker or runner in the least amount of shoe that’s safe and trendy while they work on the functional corrections.

Here are some key points!libertyshoesonline1 1. Minimal heel from edge to toe (foot sole should be of base height)

Shoes at Liberty are designed to be supported at the ends-that means heel, ball and toes in a level and balanced contact, so your feet feel comfortable and relaxed even while you workout.

Also, this facilitates stability, provides a sense of balance in mid-stance, and complements a proper posture.
Force10 brand by Liberty has a complete range of such supportive shoes to be worn while you workout in the gym or run in a marathon!libertyshoesonline2 2. Flexibility

You must be aware of the fact that your foot naturally bends in all directions. Liberty gives you the best technical support in the form of this flexible Force10 sports shoe, where most shoes are stiff, they slide in your feet like a ‘’workout butter’’.libertyshoesonline33. Colour and Trend

It’s not that of an important feature, but definitely one we cannot miss out on. While you workout, one must feel better from inside and wearing a sports shoe which is trendy, sauve, rough and tough for your run and workout yet makes you stand out in the fashion crowd. Why not choose Liberty? Gives you all of the above-mentioned. 4. Suitable for JOGGING & RUNNING and intense workout

Liberty has amazing shoes for women, an exciting and edgy collection of sports shoes from Force 10. Run away from the monotonous boardroom meetings and consortiums and revitalize the sports spirit in you. Let that sports enthusiast come out of you and travel. You can use these shoes for a road running shoes and off-road running shoes suitable for rough terrains as well. The aggressive outsole enables the runners to have optimum traction even on slippery gravel and rock surfaces.

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