How to Take Care of Your Shoes

Buying shoes is pretty easy right? Just run to your favorite shoe store and go to your favorite shoe website for an online shoe purchase. However, the tricky part is, taking appropriate care of the footwear you bought.


Sometimes, we wonder why a 5000 bucks shoe didn’t last us a fortune. That’s because maybe, we did not keep it the way it should be kept. Most people are unaware as to how to take care of your beloved shoes. We are here to help.

Some pointers on how to take care of your shoes:

1. Keeping it Waterproof : Protector Spray

A water protector spray creates a layer of protection around your shoes to make them water repellent and does not let moisture stay on your shoes. Moisture is footwear’s greatest enemy, and you should keep it away.

2. Additional Horse-Shoe Sole

Adding an additional layer of sole, preferably a horse-shoe one inside your new pair will prevent a significant amount of sole wearing from the shoes. This would mean that your shoes will last longer than usual, given the fact the soles would not wear off as quickly.

3. Let Them Breathe- Don’t Overuse

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t be over using your shoes. It is advisable to switch between pairs and not wearing one single pair everyday as it tends to lose their shine and quality.

4. Clean from Within

Especially when you have an odour problem, it is necessary to clean your shoes from inside and rid them of any smell. You can easily do that by dropping 2-3 drops of tea tree oil inside your shoes or swabbing around them with an alcohol based cleanser or real alcohol.


Our atmosphere contains moisture and also salt. Continuous exposure to salt dries the leather out and you may see cracks in your shoes. To prevent that, regularly polish the leather to keep it supple and shiny.


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