Liberty Summertime Collection To Beat The Heat

Summers are all about airy, breathable and comfortable things. Be it your home, your clothes or,


Liberty comes with a wide range of footwear for every mood and every occasion as mentioned on your calendar. While your formal days can look up to those Liberty Heels and Shoes, your casual days can rely upon our healers and coolers for that breath of fresh air and utmost snug fit.

Here are some must buy sandals online via Liberty Shoes:

1. A-Ha! The Comfort

Blue Casual Thong

That is exactly what will escape from your tongue when you put on this amazing pair of slippers. These are great for summers and look dapper with casual kinds of outfits. Wanna buy? Click here.

2. Walk Tall, Woman!

Women's Healers

Because it’s not worth drooping down for something or someone, right? Give your soles the escalation they need! And ofcourse, not on the expense of uncomfortable, sweaty feet. Click here to buy.

3. Keep Trudging

Green Sporty Casual Sanda

For the fun person in you who loves to walk with their buddies, stroll in parks or play badminton. With these coolers, you can trudge along! If you want to add this item to your cart, feel free to click here.

4. Bawse Baby

Kids Red Bin Sandal

Your toddler should be happier than you this summer! Give them the gift of comfort with liberty and tackle the heat like a Bawse! Can’t wait to buy the slippers online? Click here.

5. Affordable Fashion

Women's Black Casual Thong

Well, as the title suggests, this pair is as affordable as it is fashionable! Pretty decent for a simple casual day out (or terrace tea date) and really affordable throw-away price! Grab the opportunity and buy right now! Click here to shop.

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