Shoe Hacks You Should Know If You’re A Woman

We know this might be a little hard for you all to digest, but most of the time, it does not matter on the price of the shoes, but some secret ways that can keep away various problems that come along with new shoes. Expensive or not, all new heels give blisters, and however pricey, all shoes can have odour.

To get rid of all these unwanted problems, we have curated a quick list for you about some shoe hacks that you shouldn’t miss!

1. Not Just For The Nails!

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If your sneakers have some stubborn stains on the ridges, fret not! There is nothing nail polish cannot vanish! Ink stains or I don’t know where these colors came from, it can erase all! Just dab some acetone and rub with cotton and you’re good to go! For surfing some great ladies shoes online, visit our website’s women’s section!

2. Too Tight To Fit?

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Are you heels/shoes a little too tight to fit? Put on a pair of socks and slide in your feet inside your shoes as much as you can. Then, use a hairdryer to blow hot air on the inside of your shoes till you can comfortably wear them.

3. Sayonara To Sweaty Feet

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In summers which are quite unbearable after a point, your feet might get too packed in shoes and it results in sweaty feet. Rub or spray some dry shampoo on the insides of your shoes and also between your toes to avoid the discomfort of perspiration and your feet are going to be happy and dry all day!

4. Kick Out The Odour

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Some shoes just produce unnecessary (and unbearable) odour. Perfumes might work temporarily, but why waste your favorite fragrance? Here is a quick hack: Put some baking soda in a light cloth (make a small bundle) or use some dried tea bags and leave them inside your shoes for a while. The baking soda/teabag will absorb all the moisture and unpleasant smell from your shoes.

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