Make those miles count with these running shoes

Remember the sense of thrill you got as you ran through the great fields carelessly when you were young? It left you exhausted but also you felt the urge to carry on. Such is the feeling you get when you are running. Be it for pleasure or as a fitness routine, the adrenaline-fueled exhilaration of moving at top speed over the ground wearing your best athleisure shoes can never be understated.

Let us skip forward a few years. You are an adult now and you want to feel that familiar thrill once again. But in order to experience it to the fullest, a pair of athleisure shoes is always what you would want to wear.

What makes a running shoe stand out?

Nothing is more of a delight for a runner than stepping on the soft and comfortable soles of his or her pair of running shoes and blazing a trail forward. Best of all, these sports shoes for men are available in a wide variety of styles and color options. Here are some defining characteristics that all running shoes possess –

  • Feet cushioning – To provide maximum comfort for the feet as you run, running shoes should feature an ultra-comfortable soft feet cushion inner lining. This also helps prevent a number of bone-related defects born from continual running.


  • Aerodynamic design – Cars, ships or airplanes; all fast things have this feature. The aerodynamic design in a running shoe helps the runner glide through the tracks as he or she runs.


  • Outer shoe sole traction – A typical running shoe should feature corrugated ridges and edges that can help a runner gain more traction on the ground while in the action.


  • Flexibility – The running shoe body should be rugged, yet flexible; which means it is able to bend or grow rigid whenever required.


Varieties of running shoes that are widely popular:

Running shoes are available in a wide range of color & style options and can be used as sports shoes, gym shoes, joggers, athleisure shoes etc. To narrow it down, here are some of the most popular varieties of shoes to look into –

1. Gliders Men’s Black Non-Lacing

Do not be fooled by this shoe’s childish and timid appearance. With an easy and casual laceless slip-on, this is the perfect shoe to wear when you want to go running in the morning.


2. Healers Men’s Black Lacing (AGHL-72)

Comprising of high-quality materials and with an equally suave and sophisticated black colored lace, it is perfect when you want to go out running and still look good.


These were some of our favorites but you can explore much more on our store. So, why not order them from the Liberty Shoes online and try them on? Maybe you will find the running shoe of your dreams.