Take Your High Heels Seriously

Happiness is unboxing your new pair of heels. Isn’t it?

Well ask women about it and you’ll know what it feels like to embrace the smell of new shoes. However, every joy comes with a responsibility. Nothing can be as good forever without investing time and effort on it. Likewise, for your heels to sustain and back you up in your battles, you need to take care of them. Here’s a list of tips to follow:

1. Keep Clean

Keeping your heels clean comes first. Keep material-specific cleaners for all your pairs. Say for leather, use a polish. You can mix equal parts of rubbing alcohol and water in a spray bottle and splash it on your leather heels. For suede heels use a stiff shoe brush or a suede eraser to keep the dust off.

2. Don’t Overdo Them

Everything needs air to breathe, including your shoes. Do not wear a single pair at a stretch of two days. Give them an off for at least a day. Along with creating discomfort, regularly wearing heels can result in wear and tear. Go easy on them and give them their days of freedom.

3. Bake the Odor

Did your heels have enough of you? So much that they’ve started stinking. Well fret no more! You can still make them as good as fresh. Sprinkle baking soda into it and leave it overnight. Clean it with a soft cloth the following morning and get back on your game.

4. No Straining

No matter how expensive and durable your heels are, there’s a delicacy associated to it. You should always avoid driving, running or even dancing in them as it puts strain on the pitch points. Repeated strain on these points lead to breaking of the heels.

5. Rubber Lifts

Have you ever noticed the black nodes at the tip of the heels? Yes! Those are usually made of plastic and are put to help the heels withstand the wear and tear. However, this plastic gets worn out after one night of partying, damaging the upper part of the heels. This sometimes gets to an irreparable stage. The best way to avoid this is by getting the plastic lift replaced with a rubber lift. This allows the wear to spread evenly.

6. Be Gentle

Your heels certainly need and deserve all your love. So be gentle as you go wearing them. Even while taking them off don’t strike them out with the other foot without untying them. This crushes the caps of the heels.
Heels for women are as priceless as it gets and that’s the least bit that we can do to pamper them so we can flaunt in them.